Glowing Energy

About Us

Jessica Harris-Iannuzzi, Susan Ferro and Valerie Probst are 3 women who are dedicated to their passion and a path of  healing and service. Their purpose is to bring families and community together in harmony with the many forms of healing services they offer.

Their training and experience as Sound Therapists and Reiki Masters, as well as other forms of healing and therapy, have given them the opportunity to volunteer for local organizations that provide classes for children and adult cancer survivors and children with special needs. They also bring Sound Healing to local Libraries and Senior Centers to share with as many people as they can.

Susan Ferro

The journey of becoming a Reiki Master Teacher has brought such blessings into my life. From the first time I experienced a healing, I knew I had to learn more and shortly after, became a Reiki practitioner. 
About a year later, I experienced and fell in love with, the beautiful, vibrational sounds of Crystal Bowls, and then Tibetan Bowls, learning how they heal on an extremely deep level. I began forming Workshops, combining Sound Healing, Reiki and Meditation and now share Glowing Energy with these two amazing women by my side. I will never stop learning and growing on this beautiful journey. 
My goal through a healing session, is to bring a shift within your body, mind and spirit and create a sacred space for deep healing to occur and to release what is no longer serving your highest good..

​Certifications and Training:
Reiki Master/Teacher
Tibetan Tones Sound Healer/Teacher

Crystal Singing Bowls
Certified Crystal Healer
Tuning Fork Practitioner

Natures Gems Ny Jewelry Designer
Doreen Virtue Tarot/Angel Card Reader 

Volunteer work with organizations such as Strength For Life, KiDS NEED MoRE  and other local fund raisers are an important part of my life and I feel honored to be a part of their services. 

I also handcraft Wire Wrapped Crystal Jewelry infused with Healing Energy.

I have worked as a Dental Hygienist for over 30 years and live on Long Island, N.Y. with my husband and three sons.

Valerie Probst

Valerie is an Intuitive Healer/ Reiki Master. She has been studying for 4 years as an Intuitive Healer and 6 years as a Reiki Master, and holds a certificate of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and doTerra Aroma touch Technique, along with being a Tuning Fork Practitioner. She uses her gift of intuition to help call upon angels/guides and galactic realm to assist in the aid of healing one's body, mind, and spirit. As an intuitive healer, Valerie alters her state of consciousness to allow her spirit guide and the galactic realm to assume control of her body. This enables powerful healing and communication directly through Valerie for the purpose of retaining a higher vibration from the spiritual planes. In addition to healing and Reiki, Valerie keeps herself busy by raising three beautiful daughters, and widening her studies and practices through meditation, yoga, and essential oils. In addition she creates her own chakra sprays and blends with assistance from spirit.

Jessica Harris-Iannuzzi

I started my journey in holistic healing about 20 years ago when I worked on a cancer floor in the hospital. It made me so sad to see how sick people really are.  I thought, there had to be a way I could help them alongside their medical doctors.  That is when I started working out of my home and making house calls.  Glowing Energy came many years later. I am so blessed to be working with Susan and Valerie. We all share the same love and passion for helping you whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Certifications and Training:

Reiki Master/Teacher

Tibetan Tones Sound Healer/Teacher

Tuning Fork Practitioner



Cert. Raindrop Practitioner

Holistic Reverend

Cert. Angel Card Reader


I volunteer for Strength For Life. I work at senior centers and I also work with special needs children ( it is amazing to see their transformation).

I live on Long Island with my husband, son and step son.